Dated back to 1968, our school has started education activities under the name of Private Ankara College of Economy and Business Sciences and has been associated to Ankara Economy and Business Sciences Academy in 1971 with the nationalization process. Its name changed in 1974 to College of Banking and Insurance. During the transition from academy to university in 1982, the operation of our school has been signed off with law no. 2547.

College of Banking and Insurance has been established subject to Gazi University Rectorship with the Cabinet decision no. 13689 on 12.05.20008 and the establishment regulations has been published in the Official Gazette No. 26904 on 12.06.2008.

The hands on training in the internships in banks and insurance companies received by students in our university, which has graduated about 4500 students until today, is highly appreciated by banks and insurance companies.

Our wish is to take steps and get in close contact with related institutions in order for our graduates to start working with related institutions in relation with their training.