Departments of Banking

The banking sector has a competitive structure in which local and foreign actors play a part, and which has a growth potential. The continuation of the growth and dynamism in the sector makes the field of banking an important field of employment. The Department of Banking aims to train experts and administrators who prioritizes ethic values, who can increase administration quality, observe and evaluate the developments in the market, and who have analysis and problem solving skills against risks and financial problems.

In accordance with this aim, apart from the courses towards fields requiring expertise in the field of banking, courses on economy, finance, management, accounting, statistics, law and mathematics courses are also offered by our academic staff as well as administrator and experts experienced in the sector throughout the 4 year graduate program in the Department of Banking.

Fields of employment for graduates of the Department of Banking :

Banks and financial institutions as well public agencies such as CBAR, TRCB, CMB, ISEM.

OSYM Information :

Medium of Instruction : Turkish

Duration : 4 years